Board of Trustees


Regular meetings and Workshops of the Township Board are normally held in the Township Hall, 18010 Pleasant Lake Road, Manchester Michigan. For dates and times when the Township Board meets, visit the calendar on the homepage. This calendar also includes meeting dates for the Planning Commission, Zoning Board of Appeals, and Board of Review.

Sharon Township is governed by a Township Board elected at-large every four years. The full-time members of the Board who administer the day-to-day responsibilities of the township are the Supervisor, Clerk, and Treasurer. They are joined by two Trustees to make up the five member legislative body. All members of the Township Board have voting privileges. The Board meetings are monthly; however, additional meetings are often scheduled to handle emergencies and special business that arises from time to time.

Members of the Township Board are responsible for establishing policy for the Township and allocating resources necessary to carry out those policies. Accountability to the taxpayers is a priority to The Sharon Township Board and the Board is always investigating ways to provide higher levels of service to its residents.

2024 Board Meetings will be held on the FIRST Thursday of the month at 7:00PM in the Township Hall.