ELECTIONS UPDATE- Nov 2017 & May 2018

UPCOMING ELECTION: November 7, 2017

Most of you are aware, but for those who are not, the ENTIRE STATE OF MICHIGAN is in the process of receiving NEW ELECTION EQUIPMENT! The process of voting will remain the same, however your ballots and the equipment will look different! As we speak, Clerks statewide are in the process of testing the equipment, being trained, training their election inspectors, etc in preparation for the upcoming NOVEMBER 7, 2017 Election.

Washtenaw County has published a bookmark (available at most libraries) about the new equipment, please click here to view that bookmark: New Voting System Bookmark

Washtenaw County Press Release about New Equipment: Press Release – New Voting Equipment for Washtenaw County



Interested in working the election? Training is needed, but don’t worry- you get paid! Election inspectors are reimbursed mileage, paid training, and paid for working election day (6am- close of polls!) shifts available as well!

An application is needed. Please click here for the election inspector application: Election Inspector Application

You must be also be registered to vote!

For ANY voter who would like to check their voter status, preview a ballot, etc. Please visit the Michigan Voter Information Center, CLICK HERE: Michigan Voter Information Center

For any additional questions or concerns please contact Clerk Mikel: